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No, memberships are billed on a monthly basis. Members can obtain a 5% discount on their membership by entering into a one-year agreement, or a 10% discount for a two-year agreement.

The front desk is staffed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During this time building doors will be unlocked. Outside those hours members can access the building 24/7 using the Proximity App: Check it out here.

Working from home can be convenient, comfortable, and inexpensive. However cooperative workspaces offer support services that save time and optimize your productivity. In addition, a cooperative workspace can create a more professional façade for your business as well as networking opportunities that drive innovation or even sales. Check out our support services to learn more.

A commercial lease typically requires a tenant to enter into a long-term (multi-year) agreement for a fixed amount of space. These lease payments usually cover only the use of the space. Amenities or services like internet, heat, cleaning, and phone service are billed separately.

To avoid the liability of a long-term contract, many businesses opt for cooperative workspaces like Groundswell as they offer scalable space options and the financial flexibility of short-term commitments. In addition the cost for common areas (e.g. lobby, kitchen, conference rooms) and utilities are divided amongst the members and included in the monthly fee–saving both administrative time and money.

We offer five membership levels as well as an a la carte option for people with custom needs. For more information on our membership plans, click here.

Soundswell is a space where audio and video programming can be recorded free from noise interference. The first podcasting studio on the Seacoast, Soundswell is equipped with multiple microphones, lights, green screen, a multichannel soundboard and editing equipment. Both members and non-members can reserve time and take advantage of additional support services to assist with production. For pricing plans, click here.

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